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Port Millom - Under Development

Port Millom provides a number of marine services to commerce and industry in the Northwest of England. Situated on the Duddon Estuary the quay is linked tidally to the Irish Sea and allows passage of goods to and from the west coast of Cumbria. Being small and independent allows us to price our facilities competitively and gives us a high degree of flexibility with our partners who use Port Millom.

The tidal quay at Port Millom comprises a piled section of 150m (with possible extension) with a good, clean, solid base upon which boats will sit well and excavators and other vehicles can operate freely. The channel inward is buoyed when required by our pilot and we can arrange for a tug boat service if necessary. The quayside comprises around 3.2 hectacre of level ground paved with hardstanding and around another 7 hectacre that is suitable for further development. Within the site there are two large portable containers forming a workshop and office, both served by a large industrial generator.

Port Millom is looking for development partners to help exploit this exceptional location for transportation of materials both inbound to West Cumbria and the heart of the Lake District and outbound to the offshore environment and Irish Sea wind farm developments.

To find out more about some of the past, current and proposed uses of Port Millom in conjunction with construction projects in the area, click on the link for Projects, and for a wider view of the investments being made in the West Cumbria/Irish Sea region follow the Energy Coast link.